MC-51 Rust Remover is a product designed around the needs of the end user. YOU CHOOSE HOW TO APPLY IT BASED ON YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.


We change the
way you deal
with rust.

Where our Market Place

We are proudly saying that Bangladesh is the world most NICHE market place.

Bangladesh, to the east of India on Bay of Bengal, is a south Asian country lush greenly and many waterways. Its Padma (Ganges), Meghna and Jamuna rivers create fertile plains. On the southern coast, the Sundarbans, an enormous mangrove forest is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Bangladesh is a developing country; located in South Asia. Garment and Textile industry is our the main revenue source while the sectors have been developed day by day through fighting against lot of obstacles. Such as technology, sustainable solutions, skill labor, sufficient land, high cost of raw materials etc. Although all these barrier, the sector is now carried the world best position for quality products and economical price.

At present, our country development is remarkable and scale-up nations from poor to mid-income capabilities. On the other hand, same situation is handling by suppliers. The countable reason are as; Industrialization(keep hold previously developed industry and growth of newborn industries); Government i.e. Public focus and Private sectors initiatives. From last one decade, Bangladesh has developed new industrial sectors like Food & Processing , Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, ICT and Telecommunication, Plump & Paper, Ceramic, Wood and Furniture, Ship & Marine, etc.

Why Choose Us

We need to develop and truly comes from development of Industrial sectors. Means Industry development can give everyone’s better life; so that everyone of our territory should have to taken pollution problem is not only an industrial problem but also a responsibility from individual to industrial. The responsibility for keeping control of individual to industrial pollutions within the limitation of Sustainable conditions.

S.R. Corporation is working in trading business for Bangladesh in sectors of “inter-mediate products” i.e. Advanced Functional Materials. Our core function is to sourcing the best products from Europe and American Channel and make the process to meet cost effectiveness of our customer’s Need through remanufacturing and/or production (License Agreement) in our country that should have to be fulfillment of our Social, Environmental and Sustainable Development objectives.


What make us unique?

We have 10 unique working standards