Our Top Management who are also renowned business analyst have another unique Innovation “The Saturday Workshop” is a hypothesis the term of TV meaning” Transmission of Conveying ventilation”. We know all virus in the Game of export-import Business Cycle.

It is a K-D-P-A Double Circuit sessions where our selected traders and valuable customers are joining to learn and to participant case study solving session. The session conducted by our Top Management leading by Our Honorable Chairman & Managing Director. Sessions are:

TPPM (Trader ultimate Profit Process Model)-Cost Management.
CMSM (Customer Money Saving Model)- Part 1:CMMP;Risk Management
MRM-PGT (Matric Reference Model; Positive Gaming Theory)-Proven Game Theory ;
Disruption of Technology
Solve by Case Study.

CAUTION: Our All workshop video clips, Virtual Lectures, Books and CDs are highly restricted from Sell, Buy AND Copy-write. All Rights are strictly Reserve only for S.R. Corporation® Employees, Employ, Trade associates.

We Build, NOT sell.