Comparison between rust removal methods

Pros: Ease of application.

Cons: A layer of rust is never converted and remains active under the surface.  Eventually, this active layer comes to the surface and becomes visible.  The damage exposed is now bigger than the original condition.

Pros: Removes rust completely.

Cons: Removes healthy metal.  Special equipment and personal protection are required.  High cost and high level of waste.

Pros: low cost, Very fast.

Cons: Removes healthy metal.  Dangerous to handle and very corrosive.  Requires special protection and application equipment.  Must be neutralized after use.  High cost of disposal.

MC-51 rust remover treatment

Cons: Removes rust completely.  No tooling required.  No protective equipment required.  MC-51 is safe on skin, rubber, plastic, and most paints.  Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.      

Our product line is by far the best and safest way to remove rust.