Integration and Implementation

CMD-workforce is a supreme powered workforce and a team of experienced professionals. The team is working in top-to-bottom level in the organization in order to ensuring satisfied & expected outcome filtering by input process. The workforce is blending expert team members who are from different sectors, such as: Business, Chemical Engineering, Bankers, Mechanical Engineering etc. and leading minimum 5-7 years practical experienced to maximum 13 years of experienced.

The chairperson of the CMD-workforce, who has 13 years experienced in export-import business as well high educational background in Business Studies, and his team have been innovated eight (08) core effective operational  functions.

1. Platform Theory

Platform need to implement centralize and decentralize  process. Core functions should have to be emphasized on decentralization method to ensure the maximum functional efficiency. On the other hand, business functions have to a unique objective and all together activities to fulfill the unique and/or in a single way. Centralize process can ensure the maximum effectiveness.

2. ROI Integration

Return of Investment (ROI) is one of the main objective for Trade ventilation and/or Trade venturing Platform. A research have shown that most of the brands could not survive against non-brand & low quality product. The main reason is to face huge marketing and promotional cost that hit directly to raise operation cost as well as increase unit product cost.

Platform need to interrogated Sales and Marketing process based on ROI lead generation. In this cutting edge, Digital system has made the solution to get maximum return from investment and/or minimum investment to reach vast promotions and communications.

3. ICT Integration

Digitalization in Business Platform is being needed as a major part of process Heart. The world is now coming in a single Omni-channel and ROI (Return on Investment) taking it’s real appropriation only for adopting Digitalization system. ICT department conducting the core role of transformation  and/or connection between departments to department, company to company, country to country & person to person.

4. Sales Process Integration

The real-time Sales processes is divided into four (04) stages. The process matrix is Centralized-Decentralized based model.

Sales is the ultimate goal for any organization to any small company. Sale need to be placed at a customer as a service orientation. Concerning sales and services process, sale output is measuring by outcome and evaluated by satisfaction of users.

5. Typical Supply-Chain Process

Traditionally there are twelve (12) typical processes in Advanced Functional Material market in Bangladesh. The scenario reflect to the inefficient market. Identified the gaps of market are Effective Communication; Customer Service (Loyalty), Brand Agnostic, Traditional Business Process.

6. Innovated Takeaway Service

Accelerate three (03) steps easier process. Convening technology from global brand solutions to local installation; transforming responsibilities into real-time solution; Accelerating through mobile internet; Implementing customer relationship by tracking takeaway service.

7. Integrated Distribution with Supply-Chain (Takeaway Service)

An IoT based fully automated process are being maintained for covering products distribution channel from individual to industrial customers. There are two warehouse located in Dhaka-North City and Dhaka-South City accordingly. Total Distribution System have been controlled & monitored by ICT and Operation Department through web based mobile Apps.

8. One-Stop-Shop Model: Purchase Point

The Platform is a virtualized ventilation process of One-step-shop model. Seven Purchase Points are hosting to response in each an every purchase quarry from the entire territory(Bangladesh) and transferring into a single gateway for ventilating the real trade process.

9. Payment Gateway

Re-Search & Development team “CMD–Workforce” core objective is to link-up a single path in between Supply and Demand as the function and equation expresses the relationship between Manufacturer and the end user. The main challenge need to face interfaces-gap and technological disruption such as Channel affecting factors, market influencers or even inflation rates.

We have been developed a real time Payment Gateway for our of our customers over the Country.