MC-51 Rust Remover

MC-51 Rust Remover is a product designed around the needs of the end user. YOU CHOOSE HOW TO APPLY IT BASED ON YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS.

Most rust removal products dictate the way to use them without really providing a convenient way to deal with rust. The application is limited to soaking, creating the need to use buckets or tanks to de-rust your parts.  This limits the size of parts that can be treated. MC-51 Rust Remover will remove rust down to bare metal, eliminating the need for a soaking tank. MC-51 removes most types of oxidation and can be used to clean metals before painting. It will protect metal from rusting again for up to 3 months.



MC-51 removes rust on contact. When applying MC-51, you will notice a rapid change in rust concentration and the bright metal will become visible below. In minutes your part will be free from rust (surface to medium rust, deeper rust will need a longer time). MC-51 outperforms the best selling safe rust removers.





Whether you are an industrial, professional or private user, MC-51 covers your every day or challenging rust removal needs. It can replace all mechanical or chemical rust removal means you were previously using. With MC-51 Spray, you will not need any tooling, tubs, tanks, or labor. Due to its high speed, MC-51 will save you time and let you proceed with other tasks. No more overnight soaking and wasted time waiting to get a rust free part.

  • No tools or machinery is required.
  • No tubs or tanks.
  • Labor free.
  • Reduced treatment time.
  • No danger waste disposal costs.


No special protection is required during the use of MC-51. MC-51 meets EU requirements for the Detergents Directive on Biodegradability EC648/2004.

  • Safe on skin.
  • Non-toxic, No bases, VOC’s free.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Water soluble.


You can apply MC-51 by spraying, wiping, or dipping. Spray: Apply MC-51 until the rusted surface is fully wet. Rust will immediately start to dissolve. Re-apply spray as needed until all the rust is completely removed. A light scrubbing will speed up the rust removal process. Wipe:soak a wipe with MC-51 solution and apply to the rusted area using a circular motion until all the rust is removed. Soak: fill a plastic tub with MC-51 and immerse the rusted part until it is fully covered. Remove the part once the rust is removed. Do not soak more than 8 hours or the part may turn a dark color and there may be a slight etching on the surface of the metal. After use: rinse with water. Dispose of MC-51 in accordance with local regulations.


MC-51 is Available at 1L,5L, 20L, 210L, 1000L


Trigger sprayer with extension tube of 1.2m with a universal cap that fits 1-5 and 20L containers.

This handy reusable sprayer converts

any of our retail containers to spray system

saving you time, storage space and waste.




What is the best way to apply MC-51?

MC-51 is designed to bring the rust removal applications to the actual job site.  An end user can choose the application method that best meets his needs.  MC-51 can be applied by spraying, soaking, or wiping at the job site.  There is also a Gel that can be easily applied to vertical surfaces.  This approach is distinctly different from other liquid rust removers, which require a user to bring the rusted items to a soaking tank.  This creates an inconvenience, disrupts the workflow, takes a longer time, and adds to the labor cost.

Is MC-51 safe to use?

All of the MC-51 products are safe to use, and they are fully compliant with the European Union requirements for the Detergents Directive on Biodegradability EC648/2004.  The products contain no solvents, no VOC’s, and no hazardous or toxic ingredients.  The products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  As with any chemical product, people with skin sensitivities should use gloves and goggles during use.

What is the active life of MC-51?

MC-51 has a minimum shelf life of 5 years.

Is MC-51 safe to transport?

MC-51 is completely safe to transport by ground, ocean, or air freight.  MC-51 is non-hazardous and non-toxic, and can be shipped by postal delivery, courier delivery, or carrier freight (Shipping Class 55).

Does MC-51 work under heavy rusting conditions?

MC-51 is an excellent product for removing heavy rusting.  In particular, the Soak will remove heavy rust quickly with no manual effort.  For items too big to soak, the Spray is a very good alternative for removing heavy rust at the job site.  Heavy rust is defined as rust that is 5mm or deeper.

After using MC-51, is any further treatment required?

No further treatment is required once the rust has been removed with MC-51.  With the Soak, we recommend rinsing the metal right after it is pulled from the bath.  Tiny molecules of iron will be held in suspension in the MC-51 solution, and these molecules should be rinsed off with water or they will cause a re-rusting of the metal.  Based on test results, MC-51 keeps rust from re-forming on the metal for up to 3 months.  This is much longer than other rust removers.  Bare metal will always have a tendency to rust, so a rust inhibitive product should be used to keep the rust from forming.

What is the ideal temperature for MC-51 to work most efficiently?

MC-51 works well above 10° C (50° F).  The higher the temperature, the faster the products will work.

Is there any harm to the metal after treatment with MC-51?

There will be no harm to the metal with the Spray, Wet Wipes, or Gel.  Items should be removed from the Soak when the part is cleaned to prevent etching to the metal.  The Soak works very fast and most rust will be removed with 5-30 minutes.

How do I dispose of the spent solution?

The product can be disposed of in the local sewer system in neat form.  When MC-51 is spent, only the chelated iron content of the solution will dictate the method of disposed.  In most cases, it can be put directly into the local sewer system.  Check with your local Municipality for any specific disposal requirements.

If the steel has a coating, will the coating be damaged by using MC-51?

MC-51 will not damage any polymers, plastics, or coatings, and can even be used on painted surfaces without damaging most paints.  MC-51 only attacks the rust.  Two exceptions are cadmium (used in some plating materials) and zinc coatings, which can be removed with prolonged exposure to MC-51.

Will MC-51 remove bluing and other oxide finishes?

MC-51 will remove these oxides very quickly with the Spray, Wipes, Soak, or Gel.

Can MC-51 be used as a penetrant similar to WD-40?

MC-51 will act as a very effective penetrant.  Simply spray or soak the rusted parts in MC-51.  Not only will MC-51 loosen the rust, it will remove the rust and restore the part to its original condition.

How many times can MC-51 be used?

The spray, wipes, and gel are designed for single application usage.  The soak can be used over and over again until the effectiveness starts to wear off.