Cross-Boarder business to business Innovative Trade-Ventilation Process:

SR Corporation has been innovated “Trade Ventilation” (TV) Platform. The term is a hypothetical concept of Loyalty program for Brand, Customer and Business Platform. There are five stages of Ventilation process;

1. Accumulated technology need, want and demand by visual contents.
2. Converted all catalog, literature, user guide etc in Bangla Language.
3. Satisfied customer by three stages services; i) provide all technical literature’s first ii) Stress free distribution channel iii) Follow-up product usages conditions and in spot after sale services.
4. Re-positioned ROI promotion and distribution as demanding of Local Territory customers concepts.
5. Eliminated Interfaces gap through API based Website and Mobile apps.

Mentioned five solutions have been defined as five positive (+) value ions ; conveying with global brand products in regard to be appropriating to fulfill local territory’s customers need, want and desire satisfactions. Trade Ventilation is the core theme of Corporate Multi-channel transformation process and the Balance systems of expectation through realization.