Management Innovation is also subject to innovation. The innovation approaches of a time worked because of the prevailing societal, economic and technological context in that period. Imagination, ideas, possibilities – the wheel, the press-make the world mover forward. We are not going to get target profit from the initiative, but we are giving our customers a great experience in fulfilment performance of their functional need-want and we help the functional product innovators try out their ideas to a large number of small trader, customers. This is an investment in the future-significant profit in future, all for Global Producer-Local small traders; customers and us.

Design Basics

Tropical Organization Business Model design aligned with themes.

Design Basics

Process Model

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Process Basis


How achieve ambitions: (Challenges)

Our skilled Management team innovated all interfaces gaps in previous simulated model. Our senior leaders are engaging to transform forward gap and receive gap in the material flow by effective process development and efficient process practice through continuous KPIs monitoring-SWOT controlling-Gap Analyzing.


Typical Pathways Statements (What/Why/How)

Typical pathway priorities reflect on the challenges of managing today’s matrixes and network organizations. A deft blend of drive, working with others and external focus is seen to be key to leadership success.

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