Re-Search pRo is an Open Innovational and Cost Evolutional Platform. We have shown our innovation in focusing of our Company “Name”, “LoGo”, and “motto”.

Our LoGo : M~-Co


R for S


O =O=Z

LoGo is a symbol of hypothesize Circuit Board. Circuit Board Matrix is 1:2. X=YZ.

So, X=R=S=m.

Outcome is xyz. That means out-come 1:3

We provide Maximum value added Products.

Our Accelerator platform is srtvbd.com. An Accelerator is the Member of Our Strategic Re-Search Management Team who is achieved Analyst capabilities on Cost; Management; Development (CMD) proven experienced in 10-12 years long organization.

S.R. Corporation® is “Virtually  Distributional Local Circuit Board pattern” a Business organization. srtvbd.com is The Importer and The Supplier of competence advantages Products. It is the global accelerator for Regional Traders and Customers. 100% traded in Bangladesh, also called is the Platform of “Ventilation Trade Platform for Advanced Functional Materials“.

Our Products:

We are specialist in Advanced Functional Materials:

  • Water Proofing
  • Heat Proofing
  • Re-Constructed Epoxy Coating.
  • Re-Constructed Rubberized Spray Coating.
  • Corrosion Resistant Sealing; Coating.
  • Advanced Flooring Functional Materials.
  • Advanced Roofing Functional Materials.
  • Heat Resistance Spray or Coating Materials.
  • Temperature Control Waterproof Membrane.
  • Advanced Construction Curing Materials.
  • Advanced Functional Materials for Re-Building. Re-paring, Re-sealing.
  • Advanced Functional Materials’ for Re-Engineering.



Our Top Management who are also renowned business analyst have another unique Innovation “The Saturday Workshop” is a hypothesis the term of TV meaning” Transmission of Conveying ventilation”. We know all virus in the Game of export-import Business Cycle.

It is a K-D-P-A Double Circuit sessions where our selected traders and valuable customers are joining to learn and to participant case study solving session. The session conducted by our Top Management leading by Our Honorable Chairman & Managing Director. Sessions are:

TPPM (Trader ultimate Profit Process Model)-Cost Management.
CMSM (Customer Money Saving Model)- Part 1:CMMP;Risk Management
MRM-PGT (Matric Reference Model; Positive Gaming Theory)-Proven Game Theory ;
Disruption of Technology
Solve by Case Study.

CAUTION: Our All workshop video clips, Virtual Lectures, Books and CDs are highly restricted from Sell, Buy AND Copy-write. All Rights are strictly Reserve only for S.R. Corporation® Employees, Employ, Trade associates.

We Build, NOT sell.


Our R&D department is controlling through our specialist workforce of planning section. The “Specialist Workforce” of S.R. Corporation® is the supreme workforce of the organization, is blending a bunch of Research Scientist and Business Analyst who are working on the term “Advanced Composite Materials (ACM)” in comparison to the composite materials. Advanced Composite Materials (ACMs) are also known as “Advanced Polymer Matrix Composites”, A subfield of Materials Science.    


Advanced Composites exhibit desirable physical and Chemical Properties that include light weight coupled with high stiffness (elasticity), and strength along the direction of the reinforce fiber, dimensional stability, temperature and chemical resistance, flex performance, and relatively easy processing.

Advanced composite systems are divided into two basic types; Thermosets and Thermoplastics. The major part of Advanced Polymer Matrix Composite (APMC) including Thermosets and Elastomers.


Thermosets are subdivided into several resin systems including epoxies, phenolic, polyurethanes, and polyimides. Of these, epoxy systems currently dominate the advanced composite industry.

Thermoset resins require addition of a curing agent or hardener and impregnation onto a reinforcing material, followed by a curing step to procedure a cured or finished part.


Elastomers are usually thermosets but may also be thermoplastic(Thermoplastic elastomer). The long polymer chains cross-link during curing i,e vulcanizing.

Temperature effects are also present in the demonstrated elasticity of a polymer. Elastomers can reversibly extend from 5-700%, depending on the specific material.


Analytical Activities:

srtvbd.com is an open platform for open innovation. We know the impact and value of Idea management that place a single innovation. The planning Department of  S.R. Corporation® has framed a framework of Idea Management Process is named as





Practice and Align SWOT to Measure Goals

Business need to identify where they are going wrong because innovation as a business strategy is here to say. The rules of the game have changed. Traditional practice and concepts do not hold water anymore.

Innovation management initiatives focus on disruptive or step change that transform the business in some significant way.

In an efficient process, themes come top-down, ideas go bottom-up, funding comes top-down, and execution happens bottom-up.



SRTV management do not believe on “More works, More Result.” We are doing our business activities from Sunday to Thursday in a week. Friday is our Holiday. Saturday we all are participating in whole day workshop all together with our CMD, Adviser, Guest Speaker and five valuable Customers. The Saturday Workshop create values on :

  • Economic Development; Job creation, development and growth.
  • Social and Environmental change.
  • Sustainable Business; Competition, better stock value, reduce cycle time, better quality, lesser costs.
  • Efficient and Effective Customer Service



Model: 01


Model: 02


Model: 03


** The workshop is shutdown by ICT Department-Idea Bank section doing stored good ideas for future use; implementation learning.