We engaged globally and empowered in locally, so organizational units can react in the most effective way based on each to other unique challenges and opportunities. Our core focus is “Trade for Bangladesh covering from individual customer to industrial customers.

SRTV is a global simulation model of trade-venture that linked-up the core functional channel intermediary’s trade portal “B2C” with “C2B” incubating by multi-generational innovative workforces. We considered the basic economic theory to analyze Bangladesh 12 year’s long market data accelerate in remarkable “interfaces gap” have been innovated in value propositions turnaround Supply and Demand.

Who are we

Our methods are delighted to our 15 years of knowledge, data and experience in specialist & generalist aspect from Generation “Y” Professional; Generation “Z” leader; globalized workplace and digitalized organizational framework. We combined those methods with an Open Innovation process to practice our strategic workforce planning to “done the right”.

Because we do understand each in every interfaces gap (external and internal bugs) of Traditional practices and concepts, the strategies behind it, our CMD with his consulting team transformed those Gaps into a significantly efficient  channel to build a steady pipeline of innovations that are reliable, repeatable, consistent and profitable.

Message from CMD

Chairperson and Managing Director Mr. Sazzad A. Chowdhury is one of the renowned Entrepreneur, Who is the core founder of  Wastechem Group has been Established on 2008 and being carried the chair of the office of Group Managing Director, the most leading organization in Environment Sectors in Bangladesh. He has taken award from Bangladesh Government Ministry of “Forest and Environment” in the year of 2015 and year of 2017.

Job Desk does not make sense without Desk signboard(Dashboard). Display your One-Third of the day and spend the rest Two-Third for your family & others in the world. Spent how much you displayed.”