Executive Summary

Rapid Industrialization does not have to put more pressure on the environment until otherwise  territory nations achieved rich nations as develop country. No one can changed the world as like as our expected Green Earth. However, we can control the pollution within a tolerable limit.

Traditional Consequence (18th and 19th Centuries) does not hold water anymore. In this cutting edge (20th century), Science ,Technology and Innovation come up with the ways to grow without heavily polluting and depleting the Environment.

Here is the Challenge to take Industrial Objective Responsibilities by an organization who have taken those as their core trade-functions . The response to it must be integrated and comprehensive, involving all stakeholders of the global polity, from the public and private sectors to academia and civil society.

Once the connection between pollution and development is being known, the issue then comes in preventing pollution without hindering development. Industrialization is interrelating with Development; Same as Economy is interrelating with Business.

SR Corporation is intelligently pairing i.e. ventilating business principals with technology, and joining economic common sense that stewardship of the  environment; demanding  in “Energy & Engineering “efficiency for an Industry; now is becoming everyone’s responsibilities for our territory; altogether in our World.

Executive Function

Yes! We are also be facing the scenario of dot…dot……and dot while we have passed one decade.

Over the 12 years, we have gained invaluable experience whilst implementing a diverse range of Global Solutions establishing by Local Installation. Means Global solutions ventilating by Local Installations.

Buying and Selling of “Sustainable Green Solution” is not the same as buying and selling as off-the-shelf or same as One-time-use product. It requires a unique approach by peoples who are being conducted research, Testing, renovating, implementing and developed custom build technology to consistent to Supply of Brand Agnostic Products.

We realized the reality when your engineer require us to tender only Supply the Solution. We developed the re-searching platform in point of Non Profit Organization to put our altogether focus into a single pathway of solution; this is truly industry first.

Executive Function is the meanings of Incubation. Means three steps needed to development for executive functions.

Working Memory —- Cognitive Flexibility —- Inhibitory Control

Our History

We have 12 years of experienced in International Trade business in Bangladesh Industrial Market in field of Water & Waste Water Treatment Chemicals, Machineries, Accessories, Consultancy and Environmental Solution Services. In the year of 2017, we have been keeping our focus on Industrial and House Hold intermediate products especially direct linkage with Environment and Climate control especially for Industrial Sectors.

SRTVBD platform is the core “Digitalized Ecosystem Business Model” and enormous  the potentiality to take significant advanced financial inclusions and seamless contribution toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through products designed, re-manufacturing and  production experiment based on  behavioral  insight  supply-demand  channel  to  accelerate  Bangladesh’s  path through “Innovated Trade-Ventilation” Process

Our methods are delighted to our 12 years of knowledge, data and  experience  of specialist “X” generation to blend by generalist aspects from generation “Y” Professional to guide    generation   “Z”   front-side   leaders   through   globalized   workplace   with   digitalized organizational framework. We combined those methods with an Open Innovation Practice Process(Saturday Workshop) to develop our strategic workforce for planning to “done the  right”.

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